The White House at night

Watching immigration changes under Biden

The Investigative Reporting Workshop continues tracking immigration policy changes, executive orders and court decisions made by and during the Biden administration in an interactive timeline. President Joe Biden, who entered the White House with a promise to tackle major, unsolved immigration challenges, has faced several additional hurdles during his first year in office. These challenges …

Trump at podium

Trumping truth as people die

Previous presidents have misled or lied to the American public. But no other president has ever come close to lying as much, as often, or as shamelessly as Trump.

Timeline: Reporters chronicle upshot of president’s disparaging remarks

Journalists, often the subject of the president’s ire, continue to chronicle how his rhetoric inspires divisiveness and even violence. Yet such efforts to vilify the press have not deterred many young people from studying the field. Here’s a look at the latest news detailing the difficulty of practicing journalism today. In his first public speech …

‘Trump’s Trade War’ airs Tuesday

President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese imports has captured headlines for the past year, most recently with Chinese negotiators set to arrive in Washington next week for trade talks. But what’s behind the conflict, and how does it affect American and Chinese industry? Those questions are at the heart of “Trump’s …

Tracing political scandals from Nixon to Clinton to Trump

The Investigative Reporting Workshop is co-publishing this essay with, one of the most-read news outlets in Vietnam. The United States is mired today in its worst, most significant and extensive political and ethical wrongdoing since the 1974 Watergate scandal that, after more than two years, resulted in the historically unprecedented resignation of President Richard …

What Woodward’s reporting style can teach young journalists

Coming of age as a young journalist is challenging during any time period, but it feels especially fraught in 2018. Some of the profession’s most respected names, from New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet to Washington Post Editor Marty Baron, have lamented the lack of trust in the mainstream news media and the “out …

Trump Inc.

“Everything he touches turns to gold,” Roberts remembered being told. But the gold wore off, starting in 2016. Roberts estimated that his property value decreased by half, as the real-estate market was flooded with unsold Trump hotel rooms.

Trump Ties

Whatever happened to Trump ties?

Before he ran for office, Donald Trump made millions by selling his name to adorn other people’s products. There was Trump deodorant. Trump ties. Trump steaks. Trump underwear. Trump furniture. Now, almost all of them are gone.