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States tackle immigration on their home turfs

State legislatures amassed more than 250 bills focused on immigration this year, drilling down on hot topics like sanctuary cities and professional licensing, as well as new concerns including the census question and separating children from their parents at the border.

Candidates take their messages to the West

Fourteen Democratic presidential hopefuls are meeting in San Francisco this weekend for the California Democratic Party’s annual convention, underscoring the state’s potential importance in the presidential primary calendar and highlighting key issues already dominating the campaign trail. In 2020, California’s primary is slated for March 3, also known as Super Tuesday. It joins 13 other …

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Trump proposes priority for skilled workers, DNA tests

The Investigative Reporting Workshop continues to track immigration-related news, including the 2020 presidential race and policy changes that have occurred during the Trump administration. Check out our interactive timeline and where the 2020 candidates stand on the topic. In other immigration news: President Trump announced a new immigration plan Thursday that would prioritize highly skilled workers over …

Her ancestors were enslaved. Now the U.S. wants to deport her to Africa.

On March 31, the program that has allowed Afomu Kelley and more than 800 other Liberian immigrants to live legally in the United States for decades will end, the result of President Trump’s decision to terminate a protection against deportation that has been in place for nearly 28 years.

Both sides use immigration as election tactic

Candidates from both parties in the upcoming midterm elections are using immigration to fire up their bases or paint negative images of their opponents. This is a marked change from the last midterm elections in 2014 when immigration wasn’t considered a top issue for the GOP. Some Democrats have pushed to abolish U.S. Immigration and …

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From the archives: immigration, police, sex-offender registries

In the last few years, the Investigative Reporting Workshop has undertaken major stories on immigration, police shootings, and sexual assault and sex-offender registries. Our updated site design gives a chance to tout previous coverage you may have missed.

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The New Americans

More than 3,000 refugees resettled in San Diego County during federal fiscal 2016, leading some in the community to question whether area schools with limited resources could deliver on the refugee dream of a quality education for all in America.