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Overlooked: women killed by police

Nearly 250 women have been fatally shot by police since 2015, when The Washington Post began tracking police shootings nationwide. While women represent a small subset of the 5,600 fatal shootings overall, they are also often overlooked. Many of them were in their homes when they were killed.

Diversity and inclusion

IRW values ethics, transparency and diversity, inclusion and equity — in our coverage and among our staff.  Internal diversity, inclusion and equity efforts IRW has been conducting investigations on issues that impact marginalized communities since we began publishing in 2009. We have done stories on immigration, immigration detention and fatal shootings of people of color by police.  Recent …

The costs of war

What explains the U.S. record of near-constant warfare? Author and anthropologist David Vine examines the “forever war” that began with the war on terror after Sept. 11, 2001.

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Safety advocates assail lack of federal action on weak vehicle seats

This story was produced by FairWarning, a nonprofit news organization based in Southern California that focuses on public health, consumer, labor and environmental issues. Andrew Warner was driving his family home from a Christmas party near Houston when they were rear-ended by a drunk driver. Warner’s seat buckled, slamming backward into his infant daughter, Taylor. …

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Pamela Roberts

Pamela Roberts brings to IRW decades of nonprofit fundraising experience connecting donor interests with the missions of strong organizations. She raised philanthropic support for Imagination Stage, the National Press Foundation, the Shakespeare Theatre Company, and others. Most recently she served as an advancement writer in AU’s Development and Alumni Relations office. Pam received an MS …

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Will the ADA protect workers at high-risk for COVID-19?

At least 27 million workers under the age of 65 suffer from medical conditions — including heart disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease — that put them at increased risk of dying from COVID-19, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Such conditions tend to be more prevalent among people of color.

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Deadly force behind the wheel

In a successful PIT, the pursuing officer uses the cruiser to push the fleeing vehicle’s rear end sideways, sending it into a spin and ending the pursuit. But the tactic can have deadly consequences.