Playground under water after flood

State of emergency

Katrina. Sandy. Harvey. Maria. Each was a disaster of shattering magnitude, battering America’s shores over the past two decades. But between these pivotal storms lie hundreds of smaller disasters that garner a fraction of the national attention and the billions of federal dollars that accompany them. A News21 analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency data …

Methane leak explosion

The gas field next door: living amid old storage wells at risk of leaks

This story was produced by FairWarning, a nonprofit news organization based in Southern California that focuses on public health, consumer and environmental issues.  More Americans than previously estimated live within a city block of aged, underground natural gas storage wells, some more than a century old and most of them lacking modern designs to prevent …

People in line at California DMV

States tackle immigration on their home turfs

State legislatures amassed more than 250 bills focused on immigration this year, drilling down on hot topics like sanctuary cities and professional licensing, as well as new concerns including the census question and separating children from their parents at the border.

Ambulance with lights on

States take on Big Pharma

Nearly 250,000 people died because of opioid overdoses between 2010 and 2017. IRW and the Washington Post reported in May that the Trump administration has failed to allocate sufficient funds to fight the epidemic and has left crucial drug enforcement posts unfilled, despite declaring opioid addiction a public health emergency in 2017. While the federal …

Yanqi Xu

Yanqi recently graduated from the University of Missouri, where she studied data journalism and investigative reporting. She is working on the Workshop’s Accountability Project. Previously, she was a digital reporting fellow at PolitiFact and worked as a research assistant for the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting (NICAR) data library. She has reported for radio, television, …

The trouble with tigers in America

As a subculture of enthusiasts raises and breeds the big cats, authorities now say there probably are more of the animals in
cages in the United States than in the wild across the world.

Rose Ann Robertson

Rose Ann Robertson is IRW’s chief copy editor. She was a newspaper reporter and wire service editor for 20 years, editing and directing coverage of plane crashes, natural disasters and national and state elections. She was at AU from 1993 until retiring recently as Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Communication. …