In a crowded field of Polk Award honorees, spotlight falls on podcasts

Amid all the recent hand-wringing about the decline of the news business, audio journalism is going through something of a renaissance, with podcasts proliferating while radio listenership holds steady. In a nod to this changing media landscape, this week the 70th annual George Polk Awards announced the inaugural winner in the podcast category. The honor …

Berhardt swearing in

Habitat for sale: An oil and gas group calls the tune at the Interior Department

During a trip to Colorado last summer, then-Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke stopped by the office of a small Denver-based oil and gas advocacy group called the Western Energy Alliance. It was the waning months of his embattled leadership at Interior before he would be ousted in December, but the group had been a …

Interior’s many ‘acting’ positions ‘questionable at best’

David Bernhardt had been acting secretary of the Interior for just over a month before President Donald Trump nominated him to take the position permanently. That made Bernhardt unusual in a department that has struggled for nearly two years to fill key leadership positions.

Better together: Journalists and academics brainstorm ways to collaborate for more impact

Reporters and researchers can collaborate more extensively to shed light on issues the country’s workforce is facing, panelists said Friday at the Mind to Mind symposium. Journalists typically call academics to get quotes for their stories, and academics call journalists to ask them to write about their research papers, Christa Scharfenberg, CEO of Reveal from …

How WAMU and IRW reported ‘Collateral Damage’

The WAMU 88.5 series “Collateral Damage” focused on the impact of the D.C. police department’s aggressive focus on confiscating illegal guns. The investigation with the Investigative Reporting Workshop explored how tactics used by police to search for guns are also angering and alienating residents, especially in D.C.’s predominantly black neighborhoods where police focus these efforts. …

Trump Inc.

“Everything he touches turns to gold,” Roberts remembered being told. But the gold wore off, starting in 2016. Roberts estimated that his property value decreased by half, as the real-estate market was flooded with unsold Trump hotel rooms.

Collateral Damage

Few police departments are better at finding illegal guns than D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. But in the day-to-day battle to get guns off the street, residents in some majority-African American neighborhoods say they are being caught in the crossfire between an ongoing epidemic of gun violence and aggressive police tactics.

Amed Samadi in PE

From the archives: immigration, police, sex-offender registries

In the last few years, the Investigative Reporting Workshop has undertaken major stories on immigration, police shootings, and sexual assault and sex-offender registries. Our updated site design gives a chance to tout previous coverage you may have missed.