Welcoming international journalists

The Investigative Reporting Workshop welcomed journalists from around the globe at last week’s Investigative Reporters & Editors annual conference, co-sponsoring a luncheon for international journalists.  The Friday lunch, co-sponsored by IRW and the Global Investigative Journalism Network, brought together journalists from nearly 30 countries, said Stephanie Klimstra, IRE’s director of events. More than 60 people …

ICE will investigate deaths, but advocates question impact of new policy

Martin Vargas Arellano contracted COVID-19 while in the Adelanto Immigration and Customs Enforcement processing center. Vargas Arellano had been in immigration detention since 2019. Though a judge had ordered Vargas Arellano’s release at the beginning of the pandemic, citing his pre-existing health conditions, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement refused to release him after his housing …

TAP data helped reveal WhatsApp story

Records from IRW’s Accountability Project led reporters from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency down an investigative rabbit-hole, enabling them to elucidate the finances of Jan Koum. Koum, the famously reclusive WhatsApp founder, has “quietly become one of the largest donors to Jewish causes in the world,” JTA reporter Asaf Shalev found in a data-driven investigation. Koum, a Ukrainian-born Jew who …

Career satisfaction high among journalists, but industry-wide concerns remain

Most of the 12,000 surveyed U.S.-based journalists are happy with their jobs. But worries about misinformation, partisanship and online harassment remain, according to a recent survey. Most journalists are happy with their jobs. But the majority of U.S.-based journalists also recognize the wide-ranging challenges facing the press, from the proliferation of misinformation to the lack …

men sitting at a table

FEC takes shape under Hays’ watchful eyes

If you were a Congressman in the early 1970s, you were probably scared of the late Rep. Wayne Hays (D-Ohio). You definitely hated him. His dominance in Congress has had lasting effects on how elections are monitored today.

FEC office building exterior

What is the FEC?

Following the Watergate scandal, Congress introduced the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in an amendment to existing campaign finance regulations. An independent agency that would enforce campaign finance law, the FEC officially opened for business in April 1975.

The water problems

Groundwater levels in and around Louisiana are falling faster than almost anywhere else in the country, according to USGS data and an investigation by IRW and WWNO/WRKF.

Protest in Washington, D.C.

Kenosha deals with complex past, present healing

Kenosha, WI helped give Donald Trump a slim margin of victory in 2016, a win that can be traced in part to the healthy majority who years ago supported the Kennedys versus racist former Alabama Gov. George Wallace.