Welcoming international journalists

The Investigative Reporting Workshop welcomed journalists from around the globe at last week’s Investigative Reporters & Editors annual conference, co-sponsoring a luncheon for international journalists.  The Friday lunch, co-sponsored by IRW and the Global Investigative Journalism Network, brought together journalists from nearly 30 countries, said Stephanie Klimstra, IRE’s director of events. More than 60 people …

TAP data helped reveal WhatsApp story

Records from IRW’s Accountability Project led reporters from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency down an investigative rabbit-hole, enabling them to elucidate the finances of Jan Koum. Koum, the famously reclusive WhatsApp founder, has “quietly become one of the largest donors to Jewish causes in the world,” JTA reporter Asaf Shalev found in a data-driven investigation. Koum, a Ukrainian-born Jew who …

Ambulance in front of hospital

Program wins Writers Guild Award

“The Healthcare Divide,” the most recent of many collaborations over the years among veteran FRONTLINE writer-producer Rick Young and his team, NPR and the Investigative Reporting Workshop, has won a Writers Guild Award. The program, which aired in 2021, looked at disparities in American health care and the large urban hospitals hit hard by the pandemic. Reporters traveled …

papers blowing around man facing away from camera

Laying the foundation

At my first international investigative reporting conference, held in Moscow in September 1992, I had an exciting epiphany that the best investigative journalism is necessarily collaborative and thus requires reporters and editors to work together. Five years later, I founded the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2017 for the Panama Papers and numerous other awards.

Where are they now?

Former IRW interns are now reporting or editing at The Washington Post, the Center for Public Integrity, The Louisville Courier-Journal, the Treasure Coast newspapers, the Island Packet and the St. Cloud Times Media, among many other places.

college student waiting at health center

Reporter’s Notebook: A guide to investigating colossal topics

Since The Washington Post published “A crisis in campus care” this month, an extensive examination into the health care available to college students, dozens of undergraduates, alumni, parents and faculty have shared on social media and with the Post how their own interactions with their on-campus clinics mirror the findings of the year-long investigation.