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How will your story connect to the community?

I had always heard investigative reporting discussed in terms of corporate and government accountability. Reporters seek the information that others have overlooked or intentionally sought to suppress.  We pursue a topic over weeks or months, reaching out to every potential source and obtaining any available documents before offering the public the most complete, accurate understanding …

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Laying the foundation

At my first international investigative reporting conference, held in Moscow in September 1992, I had an exciting epiphany that the best investigative journalism is necessarily collaborative and thus requires reporters and editors to work together. Five years later, I founded the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2017 for the Panama Papers and numerous other awards.

Where are they now?

Former IRW interns are now reporting or editing at The Washington Post, the Center for Public Integrity, The Louisville Courier-Journal, the Treasure Coast newspapers, the Island Packet and the St. Cloud Times Media, among many other places.