Reporters talk about how they got the story of ‘Trump’s Trade War’

The PBS FRONTLINE team behind “Trump’s Trade War” shared the story behind their reporting during the Overseas Press Club’s recent webinar. The virtual event was created to celebrate the documentary which won the organization’s 2019 Morton Frank Award for best international business news reporting.  Jane Sasseen, the founding executive director of the McGraw Center for …

Where does plastic go?

“Plastic Wars” looks at how the plastics industry has used recycling to help sell more plastic — and why the plastic waste problem has only grown.

Plastic bottles empty

Companies’ new pledges to boost recycling face old pitfalls

A review of corporate commitments by FRONTLINE has found that three major brand companies and an association of plastic bag makers — all of which have recently pledged to increase the recycled content of their plastic packaging and bags — have fallen short of ambitious recycling-related goals in the past.

recycling bins

‘Plastic Wars’ airs Tuesday

Despite efforts to reduce the use of plastic, the industry is scaling up new production and promoting a familiar solution: recycling. But it’s estimated that no more than 10 percent of plastic produced has ever been recycled.

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon

Creating an archive for ‘Trump’s Trade War’

After working for months on the PBS FRONTLINE documentary “Trump’s Trade War,” I could probably recite portions of Donald Trump’s May 1, 2016, campaign speech in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from memory. In the speech, Trump said: “We can’t allow China to continue raping our country, and that’s what they’re doing.” The speech features prominently in …

Made in China 2025: the industrial plan China doesn’t want anyone talking about

The plan has become a political flashpoint in the Trump administration’s trade war with China: last fall, Vice President Mike Pence invoked the country’s ire when he lambasted Made in China 2025 — its sweeping industrial planning strategy — as a directive to obtain American intellectual property. Now, at least officially, it’s no longer part …

Trump’s Trade War

President Donald Trump’s announcement regarding his decision to place tariffs on Chinese imports in 2018 further complicated a historically tumultuous relationship between China and the U.S.

‘Trump’s Trade War’ airs Tuesday

President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese imports has captured headlines for the past year, most recently with Chinese negotiators set to arrive in Washington next week for trade talks. But what’s behind the conflict, and how does it affect American and Chinese industry? Those questions are at the heart of “Trump’s …