How the NFL blocks Black coaches

Nearly two decades after the NFL enacted the Rooney Rule, teams’ hiring and firing practices still disadvantage Black coaches at every turn — and it’s getting worse, a Washington Post investigation found.

We connect data — so you don’t have to.

Data is everywhere but often inaccessible.  The Accountability Project is a collaborative effort to collect what is normally siloed public data in a single, searchable database. Our team gathers public data from federal, state and municipal agencies and standardizes it for our central public database. The TAP data team has encountered almost every variation in …

TAP data helped reveal WhatsApp story

Records from IRW’s Accountability Project led reporters from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency down an investigative rabbit-hole, enabling them to elucidate the finances of Jan Koum. Koum, the famously reclusive WhatsApp founder, has “quietly become one of the largest donors to Jewish causes in the world,” JTA reporter Asaf Shalev found in a data-driven investigation. Koum, a Ukrainian-born Jew who …

Lobbying data includes convictions

The Accountability Project database now includes 5 million new records with data from federal lobbying disclosure filings. We have collected all filings from the API operated by the Senate Office of Public Records and extracted the relevant data into five new datasets that can now be instantly searched alongside our existing collection: Quarterly lobbying client …

United States connected by lights

TAP: We do the heavy lifting

IRW’s Accountability Project is home to hundreds of public datasets across all 50 states. Our data focuses on people, organizations and locations. Our collections cover a wide array of topics, ranging from money in politics to government spending to business ownership and medical facilities.