Haley Murphy

Haley Murphy

Haley Murphy is a graduate student at American University pursuing her master’s degree in Journalism and Public Affairs with an emphasis on broadcast journalism. She is a former associate producer for CBS13/GoodDay in Sacramento California where she wrote and produced breaking news and feature stories.  Murphy earned her bachelor’s degree in media arts from the …

Staff changes

One of our recent stories with longstanding partner The Washington Post looked at the 50 most valuable public companies, many of which tried in the last year to build more inclusive workplaces. The investigation found that Black employees still represent a  fraction of those in the top ranks who report directly to CEOs. And the …

Iowa’s toxic brew

The convergence of two rivers in Des Moines, Iowa, is a bullseye illustrating the connection between climate change and toxins in drinking water. Legislation and litigation haven’t worked. So the Des Moines Water Works is getting into the farming business.

The White House at night

Watching immigration changes under Biden

The Investigative Reporting Workshop continues tracking immigration policy changes, executive orders and court decisions made by and during the Biden administration in an interactive timeline. President Joe Biden, who entered the White House with a promise to tackle major, unsolved immigration challenges, has faced several additional hurdles during his first year in office. These challenges …

Lobbying data includes convictions

The Accountability Project database now includes 5 million new records with data from federal lobbying disclosure filings. We have collected all filings from the API operated by the Senate Office of Public Records and extracted the relevant data into five new datasets that can now be instantly searched alongside our existing collection: Quarterly lobbying client …

federal detention center fence with barbed wire

‘Dying in silence’

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, mandated by federal law to publicize and investigate the death of every detainee in its care, has been using a loophole to avoid full accountability. A recent investigation discovered that ICE underreported fatalities by releasing sick inmates to hospitals, where some died shortly afterward.

federal detention center fence with barbed wire

Morir en silencio

Familias, activistas y la ACLU cuestionan la responsabilidad del ICE en las muertes de detenido.