The trouble with tigers in America

As a subculture of enthusiasts raises and breeds the big cats, authorities now say there probably are more of the animals in
cages in the United States than in the wild across the world.

Rose Ann Robertson

Rose Ann Robertson is IRW’s chief copy editor. She was a newspaper reporter and wire service editor for 20 years, editing and directing coverage of plane crashes, natural disasters and national and state elections. She was at AU from 1993 until retiring recently as Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Communication. …

Margot Susca

Margot Susca (Ph.D., Florida State University) is a professorial lecturer in SOC’s journalism division who also heads the weekend M.A. program in Journalism and Digital Storytelling and is an associate editor at the Investigative Reporting Workshop in the summers. She teaches courses in reporting, journalism ethics, children’s media culture, mass media and society, and code. …

Investigative Reporting Workshop

Emma Caramazza

Emma Caramazza is a rising senior at Sidwell Friends School, where she is a culture editor at the student newspaper, The Horizon. At her high school, she is the captain of the rowing team, and takes part as a staff writer for the diversity magazine, InLight.

Introducing The Accountability Project, a new resource for public data

Searching across public data sets can be arduous, particularly on deadline. But any good journalist knows that finding threads among campaign finance data, property records, business ownership and other sources can yield important stories about conflicts of interest, outsized influence and other issues that warrant deeper public scrutiny. That’s why the Investigative Reporting Workshop created …

A banking mystery

State regulators shuttered a local bank in rural Texas last month citing “insider abuse and fraud by former officers,” breaking a string of 17 months without a bank failure. Texas Banking Commissioner Charles G. Cooper called the closure of Enloe State Bank an “isolated case” in a recent interview. Other experts agree the May 31, …