Kate Musselwhite

Kate Musselwhite

Graduate Assistant

Kate Musselwhite is a graduate student in Broadcast Journalism and Public Affairs at American University. A North Carolina native, she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a B.A. in English and concentration in Journalism, as well as a minor in Spanish (for which she completed a summer study abroad in Madrid, Spain).

She worked for UNCG’s newspaper, The Carolinian, as an Arts and Entertainment reporter. While at UNCG, she was a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and Honors Organizaton; Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society; and the student-run UNCG a cappella singing group, The Sapphires, in which she sang soprano and held a leadership position.

For about seven years, Kate worked at Discovery Learning, Inc., a consulting company in Greensboro, N.C., specializing in organizational and leadership tools and development. As a customer service and research associate, she wrote and edited training materials for publication and co-authored a product guidebook, among other things. She still provides editorial and audio/video development support for Discovery Learning.   

Before starting graduate school, she worked for three years at QED Consulting, a small firm in the D.C. area, as a government consultant supporting mainly training and leadership development organizations within the Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agencies.

She currently interns at the Investigative Reporting Workshop and the CBS Evening News in Washington.

Follow her on Twitter at: @katemusselwhite

Find her on the web at: http://katemusselwhite.com/

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Investigating Power update

Investigating Power update

Profiles of notable journalists and their stories of key moments in U.S. history in the last 50 years can be found on the Investigating Power site. See Workshop Executive Editor Charles Lewis' latest video interviews as well as historic footage and timelines. You can also read more about the project and why we documented these groundbreaking examples of original, investigative journalism that helped shape or change public perceptions on key issues of our time, from civil rights to Iraq, here.