eFoia Audit of Washington, D.C.

Web FOIA Compliance: Staff manuals, instructions

Government agencies in Washington, D.C., broadly ignore a 2001 law, which requires them to post 10 categories of public records on their websites, according to a public records audit conducted by the D.C. Open Government Coalition in conjunction with the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University.

Click on an agency's name to see more about what information is available on its website.

Staff manuals, instructions
Agency What's on the Website Link
Board of Elections and Ethics Nothing found.
Child & Family Services Agency There is an Online Policy Manual that contains program and administrative policies and directives and a quick reference guide. click here
DC Public Library Nothing found.
Commission on the Arts & Humanities Nothing found.
Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure There is a link to the Code of Judicial Conduct. click here
DC Water and Sewer Authority No manuals or staff instructions can be found in the site index and there is no listing in the Compliance section, but there is an internal search engine at the top of the home page that pulls up various documents under Staff Manuals. click here
Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs There is a section on DCRA Administrative Issuances on the Frequently Requested FOIA Materials page, linked from the home page. click here
Department of Health The Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration has a Provider Manual for treatment of substance abuse. It is listed under Frequently Requested FOIA Materials on the unit's main page. click here
Department of Corrections Nothing found.
Department of Employment Services Nothing found.
Department of Housing & Community Development Administrative Staff Manuals and Instructions to Staff are linked from the Frequently Requested Materials section. click here
Department of Human Resources Under Information there is a link to the District Personnel Manual. click here
District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles Nothing found.
Department of Parks & Recreation Nothing found.
Department of Mental Health Nothing found.
Department of Real Estate Services There are Publication and Tools and Resources sections on the home page that link to a variety of manuals and guidelines. click here
Department of Small and Local Business Development Nothing found.
District Department of the Environment Nothing found.
Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services Nothing found.
Department on Disability Services There is an Online Policy Manual and a section on Provider Training. click here
District Department of Transportation Nothing found. click here
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency Nothing found.
Washington Convention Center Authority Nothing found.
Office of Administrative Hearings Nothing found.
Office of Contracting & Procurement Link to Administrative Manuals from FOIA and Open Government page. click here
Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment Under Policies and Procedures, there's a Electronic-District Personnel Manual. click here
Office of Employee Appeals Link to Electronic-District Personnel Manual under Policies and Procedures tab. click here
Office of Human Rights Link from Open Government page doesn't work. click here
Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining Nothing found.
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development Nothing found.
Office of Risk Management Nothing found.
Office of Planning Nothing found.
Office of the Attorney General Nothing found.
Office of the Chief Financial Officer Legislation and policies under Reports tab. click here
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Statutes and Regulations posted under the About section. click here
Office of the Chief Technology Officer There is an OCTO Programs section which provides brief descriptions and goals of six office programs. click here
Office of the City Administrator Nothing found.
Office of the State Superintendent of Education Nothing found.
Office of Zoning Link to a zoning handbook under Resources. click here
Office on Aging A Grants Policy Manual on is posted under About. click here
Public Service Commission Nothing found.
Sentencing and Commission Training on Voluntary Sentencing Guidelines under Services. click here
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration There are no such links on the home page. There is a link to the ABC Licensee Information Handbook, which explains ABC law and procedures. click here
Department of Public Works Nothing found.
D.C. Public Schools The Employees section (About Us-Strategic Documents-DCPS Policies) links to Regulations, the District Personnel Manual and the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. click here
Department of Human Services Nothing found.
Department of Insurance, Securities & Banking The Frequently Requested FOIA Materials section links to Administrative Staff Manuals and Instructions to Staff. click here
Office of Police Complaints Nothing found.
Office of the Inspector General Nothing found.
Fire & Emergency Medical Services Department Administrative staff manuals for Fire & EMS personnel can be found by clicking on Departmental Orders under the About FEMS page. Staff manuals link was last updated in 2015 though. click here
Metropolitan Police Department Nothing found.
Office of the District of Columbia Auditor Policies and Procedures manual listed under About ODCA. click here

Primary research for this audit was conducted by Howard University journalism students LeeSandra Alexandre and Melissa Noel while interning at the Workshop. The project was edited by Pete Weitzel, who is a board member at the DCOGC and a former managing editor of the Miami Herald. FOIA contact information is from DCOGC.