eFoia Audit of Washington, D.C.

Web FOIA Compliance: Department of Corrections

Government agencies in Washington, D.C., broadly ignore a 2001 law, which requires them to post 10 categories of public records on their websites, according to a public records audit conducted by the D.C. Open Government Coalition in conjunction with the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University.

Public Information What's on the Website Link
How to FOIA
There is a FOIA Requests link on the home page click here
Employee information: names, titles, salaries, dates of emloyment
Nothing found.
Staff manuals, instructions Nothing found.
Final opinions, orders Nothing found.
Interpretations of policies, rules, acts The website provides policies and rules in eight categories of Program Statements: General Administration, Business & Fiscal Administration, Human Resource Management, Inmate Management, Facilities Management, Security Management, Medical Management and Community Service Management. click here
Regulatory and enforcement correspondence Nothing found.
Account, voucher, contract information Nothing found.
Minutes, all proceedings Not applicable.
Frequently requested FOIA records Nothing found.
General index of records to be posted online Nothing found.

FOIA CONTACT Information

Segun Obebe
Department of Corrections
1923 Vermont Avenue NW,
Suite N216-B
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 671-2055
Fax: (202) 671-1705
Email: segun.obebe@dc.gov

Primary research for this audit was conducted by Howard University journalism students LeeSandra Alexandre and Melissa Noel while interning at the Workshop. The project was edited by Pete Weitzel, who is a board member at the DCOGC and a former managing editor of the Miami Herald. FOIA contact information is from DCOGC.